The Birthday of North Emperor of Renwei Temple

    Renwei Temple at Liwan District dates back to Song Dynasty, which is a Taoist temple enshrining North Emperor. The birthday of North Emperor of Renwei Temple is celebrated on lunar 3 every year, the origin of which is closely related with the worship of North Emperor and Renwei Ancestral Temple. During the birthday celebration, various worshiping and ceremonial activities will be held, including paying a visit to the temple for worshiping, celebrating the birthday with a banquet, opera performance for the deity, and North Emperor parade. Starting from the mid-night of lunar March 3, villagers and believers of Pantang Town, Liwan District will go to Renwei Temple to worship North Emperor. The lion dancing team will go to the temple to worship the statue of North Emperor in the early morning. Later, the villagers of Pantang will carry the statue of North Emperor to parade all the way. The birthday of North Emperor has integrated with folk customs and entertainment, carrying the best wishes of the people for repelling evil spirits and disasters and praying for blessing. With the process of urbanization and reconstruction of Pantang Village, the birthday of North Emperor is at risk of being lost to future generations.