Hongsheng’s Birthday

              Hongsheng’s Birthday celebrated at Tuhua is also called “Minor Boluo’s Birthday” and “Tuhua Bodhisattva Parade”. According to the records, the Hongsheng Ancient Temple at Tuhua Village, Haizhu District, was built during the Yongle reignin Ming dynastytoenshrine Hongsheng Lord, a deity of Nanhai, with a history of over six centuries. Since the completion of the ancient temple, villagers will organize a large celebration ceremony of Hongsheng’s birthday on lunar February 9 each year. Centered on Hongsheng Temple, the activities are mainly held at Tuhua Village, which consists of three stages, namely before the parade, during the parade and after the parade, integrating parade, foods and folk customs. Each year, the event is participated in by tens of thousands of people, which is very bustling. Ceremonial activities such as singing Mass for the departed souls, lion dancing, dragon dancing, a fast feast and burning are full of distinctive characteristics of Lingnan Culture.