Guangzhou, 5 boutique cafes you cannot miss

    Rose Cafe

    This old-fashioned home-baked coffee shop in Guangzhou is run by a beauty called Rose, which has been in business for 13 years.

    It only sells coffee with no cakes and light meals, because the idea of the boss Rose is "only to attract enthusiasts who don't follow the trend."

    Address: 1F, No. 29, Huiji West, Zhongshan 6th Road, Guangzhou

    Unlabeled Coffee

    The coffee here is stored in a dark brown glass bottle. The bottle is small with volume just enough for the day's consumption. Takeaway coffee beans are also the same.

    If you are interested in film and darkroom, go up to the third floor, where there is a group of people who like film photography and opened an art studio called "Doesn't Matter."

    Address: No. 5, South Chaoxin Street, Qiyi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


    The moment you enter the shop, you can see the world's top coffee machines LaMarzocoo GB5 and kees spirit. It gives people the illusion of being in the Italian countryside, but the lazy comfort is definitely unmistakable.

    Address: No. 59, North Row, Xiuyuan, Shiqiao Xicheng Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou

    Laihui Cafe

    It’s a small café that resembles a whisky bar far away, the Bezera Golden Eagle coffee machine exudes a leisurely light at the bar, like a work of art. The coffee is just brewing here and the talk with coffee makers is unlimited. Let everything return to the basics, coffee can also have an attitude.

    Address: 101, No. 84, Tianhe South 1st Road, Tianhe District

    Press Room Coffee

    All kinds of old cameras and movable type printing machines are placed on the wall, and even the menu resembles early newspaper. The shop's items are handmade. Salty coffee is made with secret recipe with chili, garlic and bacon. Truffles, sea salt and roses are also available for a fresh taste.

    Address: Shop 108A, 289 Art Park, No. 289, Guangzhou Avenue Middle