Canton Tower

    Canton Tower, at the intersection of the Guangzhou new central axle and the Pearl River landscape axis, faces the Haixinsha Asian Games Park, Huacheng Square and the Pearl River New City CBD across the river. With its unique design, Canton Tower combines strength and art perfectly. The concrete core tube is the axis. The outer barrel-shaped steel structure consists of two ovals with the small one up and the large one down. The centers of the circle are crossed and rotate 135 degrees counterclockwise. Therefore the “slim waist” in the middle of the tower is formed. The outer barrel steel structure has a total of 24 steel columns and 46 steel rings.

    With twisted elliptical spiral shape, hollowed and open structure, it creates a series of "world records" in architecture:

    Such as the world's highest outdoor viewing platform - Canton Tower 488-meter observation desk;

    The world's highest thrilling journey - Canton Tower Sky Drop;

    The world's longest sky stairs -skywalk;

    The world's highest revolving restaurant - the 424-meter-high 106-story Mediterranean buffet revolving restaurant;

    The world's highest horizontal Ferris wheel – a horizontal Ferris wheel on the outskirts of the 450-meter open observation desk;

    The world's highest post office.

    As one of the “New Eight Attractions of Yangcheng”, Canton Tower shoulders the historical mission of inheriting Guangzhou’s historical and cultural heritage of more than 2,000 years and spreading the development model of the international metropolis, and has become a new landmark in the city.

    Address: No. 222, Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou