Ceiba Speciosa Flowers are Blooming in Million Sunflower Garden

    The tall branches resemble giant umbrella that is stretched out. The flowers are layered in bloom, and the branches are adorned with pink petals. It is like a splendid "fairyland"... Every autumn, the ceiba speciosa competes to bloom in Million Sunflower Garden in Nansha District. As the shape resembles cherry blossoms, and the flowering period is late, it is called "Autumn Sakura", also known as the beauty tree.

    The fate of Sunflower Garden and "Autumn Sakura" dates back to 2006. Back then, a professor of botany at the South China Agricultural University brought a young sapling. After careful cultivation by the horticulturist, the sapling grew into the current "tree king". Together with more than 30 "autumn sakura" around it, they constitute the 1,000-square-meter "Autumn Sakura Garden". It is reported that the best viewing period of "Autumn Sakura" is from mid-November to December 12. During the event, visitors wearing Chinese clothes or cosplay costumes can enter the park for free.