Guangzhou International Food Festival opening

    On November 16, the 2018 Guangzhou International Food Festival opened in Xiongfeng International Food Culture City, Panyu District, Guangzhou. The savory and rich variety of specialties are well-received by tourists.

    The Michelin Guide entered Guangzhou this year, and launched the "Michelin Cantonese Guide" last week. Michelin cuisine has become a highlight of Guangzhou cuisine. At this year's Guangzhou International Food Festival, it adds a Michelin gourmet area accordingly, which gathers part of the restaurants on the list of Michelin this year. According to the organizer, this is the first time that the Guangzhou International Food Festival introduces the Michelin restaurant.

    This year's food festival follows the theme of “Taste Millennium Food Culture of Business Capital, Exhibit Capital of Gourmet Style of Guangzhou”, with a total of 290 booths. The 290 booths in the core area are divided into eight groups including: Famous Store Food Group, International Food Group, Great Bay Area Food Group, Chinese Food Group, Taiwan Food Group, Panyu Food Group, Online Food Group, and Packaging Food Group.