6 Century-old Stores in Guangzhou

    Dexin Restaurant

    155 years old

    The Dexin Restaurant was opened in 1863 with prominent Xiguan style. We drink tea and eat here.

    Address: No. 93, Huifu West Road, Yuexiu District

    Per capita consumption: 57 yuan

    Ronghua Restaurant

    142 years old

    Opened in 1876, Ronghua Restaurant is not only a great place for Cantonese cuisine, but also a heritage of Cantonese opera. There is a stage on the third floor of the restaurant with regular Cantonese opera performances.

    Address: No. 708, Longjin East Road

    Per capita consumption: 51 yuan

    Taotaoju Restaurant

    138 years old

    Located on the Dishipu Road of Guangzhou, the restaurant has a plaque titled by Kang Youwei and marked the earliest luxury restaurant in modern Guangzhou. Its tea snacks are well-known in the province and Hong Kong and Macao.

    Address: Shop C059, 6F, Zhengjia Plaza, No. 228, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District

    Per capita consumption: 101 yuan

    Taiping Hall

    133 years old

    It’s an old-fashioned western restaurant with a hundred years of history. Premier Zhou Enlai visited the store three times and held his wedding with Deng Yingchao here.

    Address: No. 342, Beijing Road, Yuexiu District

    Per capita consumption: 95 yuan

    Lianxiang Restaurant

    129 years old

    In 1889, Lianxiang Restaurant made the first lotus cake. For more than 100 years, although the Lianxiang Restaurant has experienced several trials and hardships, the business is always booming.

    Address: No. 67, Dishipu Road, Liwan District

    Per capita consumption: 66 yuan

    Beiyuan Restaurant

    98 years old

    Beiyuan Restaurant is a garden-style restaurant with Lingnan architectural style. It is also known as "Guangzhou's Top Three Garden Restaurants" with Panxi Restaurant and Beiyuan Restaurant. Beiyuan is famous for its Cantonese cuisine, and its exquisite snacks are also outstanding and various.

    Address: No. 200-202 Xiaobei Road, Yuexiu District

    Per capita consumption: 107 yuan