Guangzhou (Zengcheng) Online Litchi Festival 2018 is unveiled.

         On May 31, the “Guangzhou (Zengcheng) Online Litchi Festival 2018” was unveiled in 1978Culture and Creativity Park, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. The reporter learnsthat this year’s litchi yield is estimated to reach 28,000 tons, five folds asmuch as that of the last year. More than 70% of litchi are Zengcheng Guilv,Guiwei, Xianjinfeng and other quality litchi species. Along with thriving ofthe “Internet Plus Agriculture” commercial model, the local Guangzhou peoplejust need to wait for 8 hours to have a taste of Zengcheng litchi. The tastyZengcheng litchi will be sold on the market from June 22 to mid-July.

         Benefiting from the development of the “Internet PlusAgriculture” commercial model, Zengcheng litchi has become the favorite fruitof many e-commerce enterprises. In 2017, the online sale of Zengcheng litchireached 458 tons, the transaction value of which was around 26.78 million yuan.This year’s sales volume is expected to reach 1,000 tons.