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Both a "Knowledge Store" and the "Most Beautiful Reading Space"

The new Guangzhou Library is located in Flower City Square by the Pearl River, at the intersection of the new central axis of Guangzhou and the landscape axis of the Pearl River. Shaped like a stack of books, this large “book” not only witnesses the days and nights of Guangzhou, but also provides various reading activities for Guangzhou residents. It is both a "knowledge store" and the "most beautiful reading space".


Guangzhou Library consists of north and south towers with a unique and elegant Zshape. The design of arcade integrates into the independent column at the west end of the south tower, embodying the Lingnan culture. The north and south facades are formed by staggered stones and glass with different shapes, which implies stacks of books and overlap of history and culture. The open and equal spatial design and multiple flexible functional layouts make various reading activities convenient and comfortable here, giving full play to the knowledge spreading function of the library as a "third space".


With a gross area of 100,000 square meters, Guangzhou Library holds a total collection of 3.5 million books, all of which are available for readers. It is the largest public library in the world. More than 90 percent of the collection are open to the public, which creates an atmosphere of “people reading alongside books”.


Guangzhou Library is not only a quiet reading place, but also a public cultural space combining reading and communication. Here, you can enjoy books, poems, paintings, and flowers. If you travel in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Library should not be missed.