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Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is a commercial pedestrian street in Liwan District, Guangzhou. It is the first business street in Guangzhou and opened in September 1995.Located at an old town of Xiguan, it stretches from Shangjiu Road and Xiajiu Road in the east to Dishifu Road in the west, and traverses Baohua Road and Wenchang Road, about 1200 meters long with more than 300 shops.

Shangxiajiu is composed of the unique and ancient architecture, featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese styles. It has a group of old famous stores. The amount of travellers during holidays may hit 600 thousand person-times every day.




Xiguan Custom and Culture

The architecture on Shangxiajiu Road is characteristic of its Sino-western style. The local traditional Qilou and Tanglong doors constitute a magnificent Xiguan landscape. Qilou buildings were firstly constructed during Qing Dynasty. They are a long arcade with reference to Southern-Europe style and Manchuria-style decorations on the basis of local Xiguan architecture arts. Tanglong, characteristic horizontal railed shutter, is another feature of traditional Xiguan houses. Nowadays, only a handful of such "doors" remain hidden in the small lanes near Shangxiajiu and Dishifu Roads.

Shangxiajiu is also a place full of stories. Wenlan Alley on Xiajiu Road is just a witness to the ancient Wenlan Academy. Bronze sculptures of traditional customs such as Rooster olive (vendors dressing up like a rooster to sell olive) and Jinriksha have been set up on the street for visitors' enjoyment. In addition, native Xiguan beauties are absolutely famous.

Xiguan Cuisine

Want to hunt all the Xiguan cuisine on one road? Go to Shangxiajiu! Whatever soups, desserts, cold drinks, or wheaten food, zongzi, can all be found here. Quite a lot of tasty snacks have existed for many years and are still popular today. What's more, many time-honored restaurant brands with a long history congregate here, such as Taotaolu Restaurant, Llanxianglou  Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant.

Cost-effective Clothing

10 yuan for a T-shirt, 20 yuan for a shirt, and 38 yuan for a pretty skirt...Want to buy fashionable and cheap clothes? Go to Shangxiajiu Road! You can always see signs of promotion on both sides of the pedestrian street. Discount clothes of famed brands are especially worth buying.

Travel Guide

If you just want to go shopping, spend more time on Xiajiu Road. If you want to taste the Xiguan cuisine and experience Xiguan culture, take Metro Line 1 and get off at Changshoulu Station, then go to the alley where Guangzhou Restaurant lies---that is a typical food street. If you want to purchase some jade articles or artware, the best place must be Liwan Plaza, Hualin Jadeware Street, or Yuan-sheng Ceramics & Jadeware Street, etc.