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Huifu Road, Collection of Delicacies

Hungry after sight-seeing and shopping? Go to Huifu Road just next to Beijing Lu pedestrian street, that's really a food street. Teahouses and restaurants in different styles are here, such as Cantonese, Sichuanese, and also Vietnamese and Thai, etc. You can also find western-style food of courses. When it comes to dinner time, this road is absolutely more bustling than Beijing Road!

Walk along Huifu Road, you'll find quite a lot of alleyways. Quite different from busy and modern Beijing Road, these alleyways are excellent showcases of Guangzhou's history, especially its traditional architecture.

Travel Guide

Taking metro is the best way to go to Beijing Road, and Gongyuan Qian Station is the crossing point of Metro Line 1 and Line 2. Out of this station, you will feel immersed in a world of modern commerce. From the Comic City to Mayflower Plaza, this underground commerce city is the largest one in Guangzhou. Marvelous comic and cartoon works, popular gadgets, as well as modern clothing stores and feature snacks, are all the reasons for visitors to stay here for a while.