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Local Products

Cantonese food, snacks, Linnan fruits as well as herbal tea are bound to enrich your trip in Guangzhou. What's more, local special products with Linnan flavor may add to your good memory.

Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea is another health-keeping way for Lingnan people. Herbs with "cold nature" in the tea can eliminate internal heat caused by hot weather or hot pepper. Herbal tea stores can be seen everywhere, and the most famous ones include Wong Chun Loong and Deng's Herbal Tea. The pre-packed herbal teas from Wong Lo Kat, Chen Li Ji and Shangqingyin are convenient to take along.


Dried Lychee

Guangzhoulocal product Lechee is called "King of Lingnan fruits", and dried lychee is also very popular. With reddish brown skin and bright yellow pulp, dried lychee tastes fresh and sweet. Experts say it is helpful for health. You can eat it as it is, or brew it in water to drink, or use it as an ingredient to cook soup.




Sweetheart Pastry

Sweetheart pastry is made from winter melon, flour, sesame, rice powder, etc. The skin is crisp while the stuffing is soft and smooth, sweet but not greasy. The pastry from Lianxianglou Restaurant is now the most popular.

Legend goes that there was a poor couple long long ago and they loved each other very much. Unfortunately, the husband's father got ill and they had no money to see the doctor. The wife sold herself as a slave to save the old man .The husband was sad but tried his best to develop a delicious cake and earned some money, with which he bought her back.