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Hero Square commerce zone

The commerce zone around Guangzhou Hero Square is the favorite shopping place of young people here. The commerce zone includes China Plaza, Dynasty Plaza, Update Mall, New Dynamic Digital City, Lingyuanxi Communication Market and Dongchuan Sport City nearby. You can find fashion gadgets and professional digital commodities here. It has become a landmark place for fashion mobile phones and clothing.




China Plaza : Fashion World

The sightseeing escalator outside the east wall of China Plaza is the longest one in the country. It sends visitors from the first floor to the seventh floor, and provides them with a panoramic view of the "old Dongshan District". As the third largest shopping center in Guangzhou, China Plaza is famous for its digital market on the 4th floor: high-end supermarkets like Taste on the 3rd floor with a Disneyland covering 1.7 thousand sq. meters nearby.

57 world-famous brands like clothing retailer H&M, Belle Holdings, Sephora, Dazzle, OVS, Bossini Style and Breads Butter have started business on the 2nd floor. Besides, the 6th floor is for food and the 8th floor for cinemas.




Take Metro Line 1, and get off at Lieshi Ling yuan Station

UpdateMoll & Dynasty Plaza: Fashion Frontline

Update Mall is the biggest underground marketplace in Guangzhou, connecting directly with the metro system. It abounds with stalls in different sizes. Young people can always find fashionable clothes here. Dynasty Plaza also features stalls of small sizes, with moderate prices for clothes. Creations like creative T-shirts or cups from local designers are particularly popular here.

Grandbuy Departmlent Store: Elaborate Commodities

Grandbuy is a time-honored local department store with branches covering Pearl River Delta Area and even Hainan, Chengdu and Wuhan. Its flagship store on Beijing Road has won the title of Gold, the highest level .The first floor of this flagship store is for world-class cosmetics, and the inter-layer is a city of jewelry. The second floor focuses on some world-famed brands starting business first in Guangzhou, such as EXR from South Korea, Levi's etc. On the upper floors, you can also find high-tech house-hold electric appliances and sports center.