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Wholesale Trade, the Soul of Commerce in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the starting-point of the Maritime Silk Road, and wholesale trade has always been the center of its commercial culture. So far, there are as many as 1115 wholesale markets in the city, the trade volume of 116 among which hits over 100 million yuan, with an annual turnover of nearly 140 billion yuan. Purchasers come from all over the country and over 200 countries or regions overseas.




Fangcun Tea Wholesale Market: Biggest in China

Commodities:tea, tea set, tea package and storage articles, artwork of tea culture

Business Hours: 8:00AM~8:00PM

Add:Fangcun Dadaozhong, Liwan District

Transport: Take Metro Line 1, and get off at Fancun Station

Introduction: Fancun Tea Wholesale Market is the largest tea wholesale market in China Statistics show that the annual turnover of this market is over 60 thousand tons, with more than 6000 tea merchants from all over the country. The number of special tea markets of different sizes is over 20, among which the South Tea Market and Guangdong Fangcun Tea Market are the two great ones.

Huangsha Aquatic Products

Trading Market : Biggest in Asia

Commodities: seafood, river food

Business Hours: 8:00OAM~7:00PM

Add: NO.15, Huangsha Dadao, Guangzhou

Transport: Take Metro Line 1, and get off at the Huangsha Station

Introduction: Huangsha Aquatic Products Trading Market covers an area of 26 thousand sq. meters, with 270-meter-long dock coastline and over 250 stalls. This market features fresh seafood and river food and focuses on wholesale business. The turnover of this market in 2009 hits 250 thousand tons, and its trade volume exceeds 7.2 billion yuan. It Is the largest aquatic products market in Asia, with influences spreading to more than 20 countries or regions like Japan, Norway and Russia.