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Beijing Road, carrier of millennial culture

Beijing Roadwas the main street in Guangzhou in Tang, Song, Yuan and Qing Dynasties, and therefore has become the most prosperous cultural pedestrian street of Guangzhou since Ming Dynasty. It's the birthplace of this millennial ancient city. It is set to become an international commerce & tourism district in the near future

Beijing Roadis one of the busiest streets in Guangzhou, department stores with long history and various storefronts line up on both sides of the road. Tasty snacks, cultural relics dated back t0 2000 years ago, architectures characteristic of Lingnan traits, all show you a historic modern place. The ancient stone road and Manchuria type windows reserved intact here can feast your eyes, and the delicious Guangzhou snacks leave your appetite satisfied. Clothes of famed brands and characteristic presents are also for your choice.

Prosperous Ancient Roadover 1000 years

Beijing Road International Commerce & Tourism District covers an area of nearly 12 square kilometers. Six cultural relics with a history of over 1000 years converge here. Many department stores and shopping malls settle on this busy street, such as Grandbuy, Xindaxin, BHG, and Teemall, etc. Meanwhile, in Ginza Mall, Taibai Shoe and Leather City, proprietors are all retailers, visitors can enjoy bargaining with them.