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Yongqingfang Tourism Area

  The Yongqingfang Tourism Area at Xiguan of Guangzhou consists of five connected historical and cultural blocks, which are Fengyuan Street-Liwan Lake, Changhua Street, En’ning Road, Duobao Road and Baoyuan Road historical and cultural blocks. Its core area mainly comprises Yongqing Workshop, the Museum of Cantonese Opera Art, and Litchi Bay. In the tourism area, there are rich and unique tourism resources, which are most typical blocks representing the cultural landscapes of the old Guangzhou. Occupying an area of about 76 hectares, it is the former site of Xiguan with the urban cultural deposits of Guangzhou.

  The famous tourist attractions include the ancestral home of Bruce Lee, Barwo Artists Association of Kwangtung, Grand Theater, Taihua House, Baoqing Pawnshop, etc.




  Rating: AAAA

  Address: 19 En’ning Road, Liwan district, Guangzhou

  Opened time: Opened throughout the year

  Ticket: Free