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Haizhu Lake

Seated in the center of Haizhu District, Haizhu Lake is favored due to its serenity and poetry. Just as Bai Juyi said, “I love best the east of the lake under the sky. The bank covered with white sand is shaded by willows green”. It’s the feeling everyone wants. With an area of 1422.6 mu (1 mu=666.67 m2), it’s a large ecological and leisure lake area that serves as rainfall flood regulation and storage, rainwater utilization, water diversion and supplement, ecological landscape and leisure area.

Haizhu Lake Park consists of inner lake and outer lake. The outer lake is actually a “jade ring” connected by six rivers and circles around the inner lake. Therefore, Haizhu Lake is compared to “gold inlaid with jade” vividly.Haizhu Lake Park is on a straight line with Canton Tower and Sports Center. Lake area and orchard constitute “ecological green axle” of south section on the central axis of Guangzhou, thus becoming the genuine Guangzhou “Green Center”.
Transportation: If you take metro, get off at Datang Station on the No. 3 line of Guangzhou Metro and go to the scenic area directly from exit B.Address: No. 168, Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong