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Ancient Port and Village of Huangpu


Location: Shiji Village, Haizhu, Guangzhou

Sightseeing Theme: History&Heritage / Science&Education / Gardens&Ancient Towns / Arts&History

Key Words: Parent-Child Fun,Museums,,Scenic Spot, port, History, silk road

About: Located in eastern Haizhu District of Guangzhou, Huangpu Village enjoys a profound history as it came into being as early as the Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127). The Qing feudal government set up four customs in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian provinces in 1685 whihe the Canton Customs established the Huangpu Registration Office in Huangpu Village the next year. In 1757, the Qing government shut down all the other customs and kept Canton Customs as the “Only Port for Foreign Trade”, thus making Guangzhou the only foreign trade port of the time and Ancient Huangpu Port an important platform for the globalization of foreign trade. A lot of historical and cultural building with Lingnan architectural flavors have been preserved in Huangpu Village while brick carving, wood carving, clay sculpture, wok ear houses and flagstone-paved roads can be seen everywhere. Huangpu Village is also home to countless celebrities, thanks to its unique and favorable geographical location, which has helped Chinese and western philosophies to integrate here. A lot of historical figures have played significant roles in the economic and cultural transformation of pre-modern China including Hu Xuanze, the renowned Mr. Huangpu who used to be the Chinese consul general of three countries, Liang Cheng, a renowned diplomat from the Qing Dynasty and Liang Jingguo, founder of the Tianbao Trading Firm, one of the celebrated Thirteen Trading Firms of Guangzhou (better known as the Thirteen Hongs). A rich variety of Lingnan folk customs have been preserved in the village including such traditional festivals as the lantern show of the Lantern Festival, the sacrificial ceremony of the Qingming Festival, the Piaose (color parade) at Northern Emperor’s Birthday, the dragon boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival, the moon appreciation ceremonies during the Mid-Autumn Festival as well as traditional Lingnan delicacies including Tingzai Congee, Penfen Rice Noodle, Shrimp Dumpling, Sui Mai and Huangpu Scrambled Eggs, etc.