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Travel Tips of Guangzhou Metro Line 1



  (The Exit E and F of Dongshankou Station of Line 1)

  The modern courtyard architecture complex combining Chinese and Western elements in the area of Xinhepu, Dongshankou is the largest in Guangzhou.

  Most architectures are classical architectures in Western styles, characterized by dry red-brick walls, cement of the Republic of China and Western styles.



  (The Exit C of Ximen Station of Line 1)

  Guangxiao Temple is the largest and oldest Buddhist temple in Guangzhou.

  Liurong Temple in the temple has a long history, enjoying an equal fame with Guangxiao Temple. There is an imposing Buddhist pagoda in the temple, which is a famous ancient high building in Guangzhou.


  Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

  (The Exit D2 of Changshou Road Station of Line 1)

  At the famous commercial pedestrian street of Guangzhou--Shangxiajiu, you can enjoy a beautiful view and taste all kinds of foods and snacks.


  Shamian Park

  (Huangsha Station of Line 1 or Cultural Park of Line 6)

  Shamian is a beautiful calling card of Guangzhou, a place where you need to slow down and enjoy.

  At Shamian, you can see European style architectures, and architectures combining Chinese and Western elements.

  The biggest characteristics of architectures at this place should be their extremely simple facade decoration and thick and square columns.

  The interior decoration of the architectures has adopted traditional Western decoration, complete with indoor teak floors, glazed cement tiles at the veranda, the beautiful teak gates and stairs, the wooden shutter doors at the veranda, teak roof truss, fireplace, wall crowns and feet.


  Zuiguan Park

  (The Exit D of Fangcun Station of Line 1)

  The Zuiguan Park of Guangzhou can rival the gardens in Suzhou.

  In the park, there are shady green trees, potted landscapes, lake scenery and pavilion scenery to set off each other. The environment is quiet and peaceful. It’s a good place for you to enjoy your spare time.