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Guangzhou Metro

  Guangzhou Metro refers to the urban rail traffic system serving Guangzhou municipality and Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, China, which is a member of CoMET. The first line of Guangzhou Metro was officially put into operation on June 28, 1997, making Guangzhou the fourth city in Chinese mainland and the first city in Guangdong Province to open a metro.

  By December 28, 2019, Guangzhou Metro had 14 lines, including Line 1, 2, 3 (including Sanbei Line), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14 (including Knowledge City Line), 21, APM Line and Guangzhou-Foshan Metro, with a total of 271 stations, 31 transfer stations, an operating mileage of 513 km which ranks third in both China and the world.

  Types of Tickets

  1. Ordinary Yangcheng Pass (ordinary Guangfo Pass): Within a natural month, after taking a bus or a metro for an accumulation of 15 times with the same Guangfo Pass card (or Yangcheng Pass), from the 16th time on, a discount of 40% will be available. The accumulated times in each month will not be counted into the next month. Within 15 times (included), a discount of 5% is offered.

  2. Yangcheng Pass card for students: Only limited to the students of full-time primary and middle schools and secondary vocational schools of Guangzhou and Foshan, a discount of 50% is offered.

  3. Courtesy card for the elders of Guangzhou (Foshan): A discount of 50% is offered to the elders ages between 60 and 65 of Guangzhou (Foshan); and the elders above the age of 65 of Guangzhou (Foshan) can take a bus or a metro for free.

  4. Courtesy card for the handicapped in Guangzhou: A discount of 50% is offered to the handicapped in Guangzhou.

  5. Courtesy card for the heavily handicapped in Guangzhou: The heavily handicapped in Guangzhou can take a bus or a metro for free.

  6. Scan the Alipay code to take a metro: Search for “Guangzhou Metro” in the app of Alipay, follow the instructions to receive a code of Guangzhou Metro, then swipe the card to enter the station.

  7. National General Card: With the card, a discount of 5% is offered.