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Guide of Guangzhou City Sightseeing Bus

Guangzhou City Sightseeing Bus has been put into operation from October 1,2016.It covers Guangzhou special culture landmarks and main scenic spots.By combining “Tourism + Transportation + culture”,Guangzhou City Sightseeing Bus is a new name card for Guangzhou which shows local feature.It is a leading city experience compared to other cities that can activate tourists’ life.



Introduction to Guangzhou City Sightseeing Bus

Good Apperarance: LNG double-decker bus,bright red and yellow bus body,both fashion and environmental friendly.

Leading System: Electronic ticket+physical ticket,multlingual interpretation system,souvenirs,bus arrival inquiry,vending machines,mini post office,etc.

User-friendly Service: Interpretation system in 8 languager so that visitors from different countries can know more about Guangzhou.

Culture Display: Moving Museum,electronic museum,real life experience area.

Funny Themes: Custom bus,wedding bus,music bus,movie bus,comic bus,etc.

Ticket: 30RMB(Include an earphone with 8 languages;Ticket is effective within 24 hours from the first time and guests can get on and off without limitation at stations along the routes.)




Three Lines Travel Around Guangzhou

Guangzhou City Sightseeing Bus sets three tourist routes, namely City New Axis (Yellow Line),Historical City Line (Red Line) and Xiguan Line (Blue Line) Two free inerchange points are set within lines (Beijing Road Cultural Tourism Zone, Dashatou Wharf). These three lines have covered local landmarks of old and new towns. Tourists can enjoy different culture of Guangzhou.


Xiguan Line(Operating Time: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)


Shameen Island:The Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and so on.Porridge water duckbill fish and other food.

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral: One of the four stone gothic church in the world.

Haizhu Plaza: Guangzhou Liberation Monument and so on.

Beijing Road Cultural Tourism South Zone: Guangzhou old stores like King of Kings,Hong Kong Tri-star, etc.

Beijing Road Cultural Tourism North Zone: Huifu East Food Street contains wonton noodles, rice noodles,etc.

Guangxiao Temple: Daxiong Hall,Sleeping Buddha Hall, Fengpan Pavilion and other architecture.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street: One of Guangzhou three traditional business circle. Boat Porridge, Shunde Fish Wrapper, Bowl Shark’s Fin, etc.

Chen Clan Academy: It’s recognized as Guangzhou culture name card.Patato head, shrimp and other special food nearby.

Litchi Wan: Xiguan Mansion,Guangzhou Wenjin Antique Market,etc.Delicious beef offal, vegetarian roasted goose, etc.


Historical City Line (Operating Time: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)


White Cloud Mountain Terminus: Yuntai Garden and Sculpture Park.

Guangzhou Museum of Art: Gallery of Chinese Paintings of All Dynasties, Foshan Ceramic Art Gallery, themed gallery and so on.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: Bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen, Monument of Sun Yat-sen, ancient tripod and so on.

Yuexiu Mountain: Yuexiu Park, Five Goat Stone Statue,Zhenhai Tower, beautiful views mixed with modern atmosphere.

Beijing Road Cultural Tourism Zone: Rice roll, beef offal, shrimp, stew, dessert, braised pigeon are delicious food in this area.

Tianzi Wharf: The Pearl River Night Cruise.

Dashatou Wharf: The biggest wharf in Guangzhou, night view on Haizhu Bridge, the Pearl River Night Cruise.

Guangzhou Martyr Memorial Park: The Tomb fo Martyrs of Guangzhou Commune.Sourrounded by China Plaza and other plazas favoured by young.

Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park: The tombs of 72 martyrs, Silent Pond, Huanghua Pavilion and other scenic spots are inside.

Guangzhou Zoo: Ocean World and so on.Delicious chicken soup dumplings and rice roll,etc.


City New Axis Line (Operating Time: 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.)


Guangzhou Tower Terminus: Sky Walk, the world’s highest revolving restaurant, the world’s highest horizontal ferris whee, etc.

Sun Yat-sen University: Swasey Hall,Blackstone House and so on are located in Guangzhou South Campus. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and TIT Industry Creative Zone nearby.

Dashatou Wharf: Biggest wharf in Guangzhou, the Pearl River Night Cruise.

Ersha Island: Modern Guangzhou with Xinhai Concert Hall, Guangdong Museum of Artl, etc.

Haixinsha Asian Olympic Games Park: Visit Star Rope, Ocean Boat, Avenue of Star, Guangzhou Opera House.

Tianhe Sports Center: TeeMall, Parc Central, Grandview Mall, etc. It comprehends business, shopping, entertainment, catering in one.