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【Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou】 In Dongshankou Metro Station, Shuttling "Time Tunnel" to Exp

At 9:30 on June 14, the Inauguration Ceremony of 'Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou' Experience Pavilion and the Launching Ceremony of Guided Tours in Yuexiu District and the news conference were held at the eighth floor of Yuexiu District Library. "Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou" is a creative attempt of Yuexiu Tourism.


"Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou" Experience Pavilion is the first delicate kilometric creative freehand sketching tourist space using urban public space. The total floor area of the pavilion is near 1400 square meters. The pavilion has kilometric display lines, using the wall of pedestrian path of Dongshankou Metro Station to show the historic cultural characteristics and tourism resources of Yuexiu District, and let passengers in the pathway feel like travelling through the time.


Meanwhile, the terrain inside the pavilion is circuitous. There are six exits, three of which have distinctive "Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou" door heads, bringing you a feeling of entering and travelling the ancient Guangzhou.


Highlight 1 Thirteen Themed Display Lines of Yuexiu Tourism

The ''Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou'' Experience Pavilion is a creative publication of Yuexiu all-for-one tourism. There are thirteen distinctive display lines, showing all the tourism elements in Yuexiu District vividly, including dining, accommodation, transportation, touring, shopping and so on. Every line is the best epitome of each tourism route.

Theme 1: Ten classic tourism routes in the nine featured tourism zones of ''Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou''

Theme 2: Overview of the Ancient City of Guangzhou: Start of the Exploration of the City

Theme 3: Nanyue Culture: Exploring the Ancient Mystery

Theme 4: Beijing Road Cultural Tourism Zone: Gathering Zone of Culture, Commerce and Tourism


Theme 5: Maritime Silk Road: Sail from Here

Theme 6: Changdi, the Bund of Guangzhou: Showing the Prosperity of Modern Guangzhou

Theme 7: Traditional Old Shops: Feeling Craftsmanship

Theme 8: Cantonese Custom: Strongest Lingnan Characteristics

Theme 9: Source of Modern Revolutions: Red Tour in the City

Theme 10: Old Streets: Feeling the Millennial Commercial City

Theme 11: History of Guangzhou

Theme 12: Photograph Exhibition of Ancient Guangzhou

Theme 12: Traditional Central Axis of Guangzhou: Pattern of the City


Highlight 2 Best Shooting Spot, Bringing You into Cantonese Custom through the Freehand Sketching Pictures

You can find best shooting spots everywhere for there are abundant featured theme pictures. In particular, we have chosen the ten best shooting spots for you, for example:

a) Time-honored Yanfang Photo Studio. Yanfang Photo Studio on the line of traditional old shops revivifies the prosperous shooting scenes.

b) Original point of the city: People's Park. In front of the People's Park are stone lions revivified like the real creatures, and tourists seem to hear the jollification of the private bands in the park through the vivid pictures.

c) Chenliji Xinhetang. Standing in front of the Chenliji Xinhetang on the line of overview of the ancient city of Guangzhou to know its history, you seem to return to the hall of the drug store and feel the kindliness of the doctors.


Highlight 3 Cantonese Custom 3D Pavilion. Treading on the Floor Tile of "History of Guangzhou" to Feel the Thousand Years of History of Guangzhou.

Cantonese Custom 3D Pavilion is located at the exit F of Dongshankou Metro Station. Using the relatively closed geographic space, we have designed numerous emulational 3D pictures which are vivid and joyful. Entering the 3D pavilion and treading on the pictures on the floor, tourists can feel the history of Guangzhou, and it seems like travelling through a thousand years and going back to the ancient Guangzhou.


Highlight 4 Scan the QR Code to See the Stories Behind

Different from the traditional plane guiding model, the thirteen display lines in the "Ancient City Tour in Guangzhou'' Experience Pavilion combined the QR code for tour guidance with the city public creative pictures. There are 30 all-for-one tourism smart guidance QR codes in total, and tourists can get the key scenic spots introduction of Yuexiu District by scanning the code.


Highlight 5 "Cute Freehand Sketching Map + Automatic Localized Guide", the App Is Helpful to Your DIY Tour

If you want to get more guiding functions of the Yuexiu all-for-one tourism, you can click the area below the app to download it. The app covers multiple functions, including key scenic spots introduction, guidance for eating, dwelling, playing and buying and so on. Tourists can have a good trip in Guangzhou by the cute freehand sketching map and automatic localized guide function.