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Shahe Vermicelli

Shahe vermicelli is a popular rice product in Guangzhou, which has got its name since it originated from Shahe Town and has a history of over a century. A story is spread among the folks about the Fan Ah-xiang, the owner of the restaurant “Yi He Ju” in Qing Dynasty, who invented the Shahe vermicelli. By the period of the Republic of China, Yi He Ju, Fu An Ju, Quan Zhen and Tong Xin, and other restaurants of vermicelli were still popular in Shanhe Town. Shahe vermicelli originates from Guangzhou and is spread across Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan, and introduced to the Southeastern Asia, Europe and America with the footprints of overseas Chinese. The production of Shahe vermicelli is mainly manual. Its traditional production method is: Soak rice in water taken from the Jiulong spring of Baiyun Mountain, grind the rice into rice milk and steam it, cut it into strips. The four most important requirements in the traditional production method of Shahe vermicelli are: the use of water, selection of rice, grinding rice into rice milk, and steaming. The uniqueness of Shahe vermicelli is that “it’s thin and transparent, firm but smooth”.