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Xiaofeng Pancake

Xiaofeng pancake is roasted by mixing dough, lard and nuts stuffing. You can see nuts clearly beneath its surface. With a yellow-brown luster, the bottom of the pancake is not over-cooked. With a nice smell, it tastes loose, crisp, with an oily and soft stuffing. It’s one of the favorite snacks enjoyed by Guangzhou people in the morning tea. Xiaofeng pancake of Chengzhu Restaurant is a time-honored brand of the pancake in Guangdong. Chengzhu Xiaofeng pancake has been made since the restaurant was opened in the 11th year during the reignof Emperor Qianlong in the Qing dynasty. The production of Xiaofeng pancake consists of the following processes: 1. Preparing the cold pork; 2. Preparing the stuffing; 3. Making the base of pancakes; 4. Roasting. The production of Xiaofeng pancake has been manual since the ancient time.