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Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Qixi Festival is a woman’s festival rich in national traditional flavor, which dates back to Han dynasty. The Qixi Festival of Guangzhou is more special. On the night of lunar July 7, girls and women will put on new clothes and jewelries and put various objects like antiques, flowers, seasonal fruits and cosmetics prepared in advance at an old-fashioned square table at the hall. They will burn incense and light candles, kneel and kowtow towards the heaven and compete needlework skills with colored threads. The Qixi Festival of Guangzhou consists of various parts, including arranging the needles and threads, worshiping, praying for needlework skills, eating Seven Fairies rice and watching Seven Fairies opera. It is currently the domestic region with well-preserved and distinctive customs of Qixi Festival in China, especially represented by traditional villages such as Zhucun Village of Tianhe District, Hengsha, Wenchong and Maogang of Huangpu District.