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Dragon-boating is a traditional watertown folk custom associated with Double Fifth Festival. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, dragon boat race was already a common activity on Dragon Boat Festival among the officials and folks of Guangdong. In 1994, the people’s government of Guangzhou officially announced Double Fifth Festival as Dragon Boat Festival. At present, the traditional dragon-boating activities of folks are mainly prevailing in districts of Guangzhou such as Tianhe, Liwan, Haizhu, Panyu, Zengcheng and Huangpu. The dragon-boating custom of Guangzhou mainly comprises starting, picking, viewing, competition, eating dragon boat rice and seeing off the dragon. The dragon boat is made of teak or Bornean iron wood, with a length of about 20-30 meters, including dragon head and tail, gongs, drums, colored flags and umbrellas. Guangzhou dragon-boating boasts strong religious elements and distinctive characteristics with dragon worshiping and the North Emperor.