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Guangzhou Tea Drinking Custom

Guangzhou tea drinking custom refers to a series of life customs based on drinking tea in the morning that has emerged, developed and prevailed in Guangzhou and covered Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau regions and overseas Cantonese cultural zones. As “Yi Li Restaurant” and “Er Li Restaurant”, the predecessors of modern tea house, appeared during the reigning period of Emperor Xianfeng and Tongzhi in Qing dynasty, the tea drinking custom of Guangzhou became gradually popular. When customers go to a tea house to drink tea, they will order some dim sum, which may be delicate desserts and pastries, or “one pot with two simple dim sums”. Nowadays the tea house industry is flourishing in Guangzhou, with renowned tea houses such as Tao Tao Ju, Lin Heung Lau, Ronghua Lou, Guangzhou Restaurant, Panxi Restaurant. The Cantonese tea refreshments are quite fine, with a variety up to a thousand. Besides, tea ceremony and customs have been formed such as ordering tea at the seat, tea pouring etiquette, practicing “tea-table knocking etiquette”, opening the cover to add water, attaching a seal on the list of dim sums. The tea drinking custom of Guangzhou is unique in the food culture system of China, and a main form of Guangzhou culture.