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Mazu Worship

          Guangdong is bordering with Fujian, which is an important region for the spread of Mazu worship. Since Song Dynasty, the Mazu worship has been introduced into Guangdong by Fujian people. Temples of Queen of Heaven or Temple of Goddess Mazu have been built one after another in the coastal region of Guangdong and on sea islands to worship Mazu. Onthe birthday of Mazu on lunar March 23 each year, pilgrims flock into the Temple of Queen of Heaven to pray to Mazu, which forms the folk culture circle centered on the Mazu worship at Nansha and reflects the spread of Mazu culture in Guangdong. The Mazu worship of Nansha has formed on the basis of Fujian’s Mazu worship blending with regional culture elements of Nansha, including burning incense at night, worshiping ceremony, music dance, Cantonese opera and Mazu parade. Nansha Mazu worship is an important part of the folk customs and life of locals, which has also become an important bridge for the believers from Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.