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Cantonese Opera

Cantonese Opera first began enchanting music lovers in Guangdong and Guangxi during the Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty. Combining performing arts such as singing, speaking, incidental music and elaborate costumes and make, it remains a vital part of southern China's cultural heritage.

Guangdong Music

Guangdong's music scene is a treasure  of the instrumental folk and Cantonese opera music that has been spreading around the Pearl River Delta area for centuries.

Piaose of Shawan

This popular Panyu, Guangdong folk art involves itinerant performers wandering along the street and entertaining passers-by. In ancient times, the performances normally took on the birthday of the Bei Emperor on the 3rd of March in the Chinese lunar calendar. Nowadays, the event is a much loved part of all important local festivals.

Guangdong Puppet Plays

First performed in Guangzhou during Han dynasty, puppet plays originated the west of Fujian Province during Yuan Dynasty. In 1956, Guangdong Province Puppet Show Troupe was set up by Guangzhou city, subsequently going on to create puppetries which are greatly appreciated by art lovers of all nationalities.